When you come in for service, you and your Honda will be well taken care of by our factory trained technicians. No hidden fees. We service most makes and models! If you need transmission service, oil changes, alignment issues, we can diagnosis & fix a variety of different things your vehicle might need. Come let us get you back on the road safe and fast.

With every paid service, you'll receive: a consultation with a service advisor, complimentary multi-point inspection with a detailed inspection form, and an automatic car wash (weather permitting).

Our waiting room is temperature controlled and offers complimentary WiFi, drinks, television, and a children's play area. We have rental cars available on site, as well as complimentary shuttle service for your convenience.
4-Wheel Alignment
Starting at $89.88
Regular wheel alignments will ensure even tread wear on your tires, extending the life of your tires. It will also prevent pulling to the left or right and reduce vibration of the steering wheel. 
Includes the following services:
  • Inspect and adjust caster, camber, and set toe
  • Check tire pressure and wear pattern
  • Review all steering and suspension
Pricing may vary. Some exclusions apply. See service advisor for details.

Brake Flush
Starting at $102.11
Don't worry about your brakes we can help maintain them, so you don't have to worry about slowing down.
Includes the following services:
  • Drain old brake fluid
  • Flush and removal of air from the brake lines
  • Replenish with proper grade brake fluid
Price valid for most models. See advisor for details.

Brake Replacement
Starting at $195.00
To help prevent squeaky brakes we can perform a brake pad replacement service.
Includes the following services:
  • Install brake pads
  • Inspect other brake hardware such as calipers, hoses, drums and master brake cylinders.
  • Resurface rotors (if necessary)
  • Anit-lock brakeing system (ABS) diagnostics
Pricing is per axle. Rotor replacements not included. Pricing may vary. Some exclusions apply. See service advisor for details.

Cooling system Service
Starting at $165.99
A regular cooling system service will help prevent overheating, freezing, and corrosion buildup.
Includes the following services:
  • Drain old coolant
  • Flush radiator
  • Check hoses and clamps
  • replenish with coolant
Price valid for most models. Up to gallons of coolant, 3 or more gallons extra charge. See service advisor for details.

Oil Change
Starting at $54.95
Regular oil changes help keep your vehicle in smooth working order. 
Includes the following services:
  • Drain old oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace with factory specific synthetic oil
Includes up to 6 quarts of dealer brand oil. More than 6 quarts start at $61.85. Diesels additional charge. See advisor for details. Some exclusions apply.

Power Steering Service
Starting at $112.24
Regularly changing the power steering fluid will help prolong and maintain the more expensive components, power-steering pump and rack.
Includes the following services:
  • Drain power steering system
  • Inspect condition of all hoses and clamps
  • Remove any grime
  • Replenish with proper grad fluids
Prices valid for most models. See advisor for details.

Transmission Service
Starting at $197.00
Regular Transmission services help maintain and cool the transmission and help manage the pressure required for proper function.
Includes the following services:
  • Drain transmission of fluid
  • Replenish with factory specific fluid
Filter and gasket replacement not included with this service. Pricing may differ from manual transmission vehicle. 2015 or newer prices differ. See advisor for details.